Newsweek article on Jimmy

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Newsweek article on Jimmy

Post by WVParrothead » ... us-1497661

Look, Ma. I'm famous! And come on... who WOULDN'T want to hear JB play Pacing The Cage?? :)

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Re: Newsweek article on Jimmy

Post by lime rickie »

WVParrothead wrote:
April 14, 2020 3:33 pm ... us-1497661

Look, Ma. I'm famous! And come on... who WOULDN'T want to hear JB play Pacing The Cage?? :)

That list was a nice surprise.
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Re: Newsweek article on Jimmy

Post by Rabbitz »

Very pleased to see Tin Cup, Cowboy in the Jungle and Nautical Wheelers on the list.

Now what we need is a live streamed 'gig' with that playlist all performed from the studio in Key West.
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Re: Newsweek article on Jimmy

Post by tailgaitingph »

Pacing The Cage would be awesome! I would love to hear any/all of those songs live. Even the few I've been lucky enough to hear in concert before, I'll gladly sing along to again!

Anyone else pick up on 'suspended his 2020 tour'?
I'm aware of the postponed shows but we have new dates (as of now) for those. Has anyone heard any other info? Just trying to keep the faith :pirate:
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Re: Newsweek article on Jimmy

Post by dean_siu »

That whole list would make a great setlist!

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Re: Newsweek article on Jimmy

Post by FinsUp6835 »

Where were all these people when he did the SETLIST SHOW IN KEY WEST years back and everyone voted for "normal" stuff.

Anyway, cool list. Gotta throw Livingston's Gone to Texas" on there and I would LOVE to hear "Buttermilk Grove"

Maybe he will do a Corona show and just play gems? One can dream.

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