Sail On Charlie Daniels

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Sail On Charlie Daniels

Post by big john »

County music singer and Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Daniels
died today at the age of 83, according to multiple media reports.
One of the first dates I had with Jeannette was a Charlie Daniels concert at Lebanon, PA.
What a great showman.
Who's got the rum?

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Re: Sail On Charlie Daniels

Post by Crazy Navy Flyer »

One of the best and a great American, many great memories, sail on Charlie.
Back to livin' Floridays

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Re: Sail On Charlie Daniels

Post by LIPH »

I saw Charlie Daniels twice. The first time was more than 40 years ago at Belmont Racetrack on Long Island. It was an all day concert celebrating the anniversary of a local radio station. The other time was about 4, maybe 5, years ago here in Myrtle Beach. He could play that fiddle. 🎻
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Re: Sail On Charlie Daniels

Post by Martyritaville »


If the devil tries to mess with you, un-politely remind him that you told him once (that SOB) that you're the best that's ever been. 8)

Sail on, Charlie.

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When my hair's full gray
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Re: Sail On Charlie Daniels

Post by Dr.Corona »

Only time I ever saw Charlie Daniels was at Pine Knob (DTE) about 15 years ago. Headliner to 4 band country rock show, poor Charlie didn't get onstage until quite late. DTE has a 11:00 curfew in place. Charlie was burning into "Devil" right at the magic hour. It was a speed version you had to hear to believe. Roadies we're basically onstage breaking down what they could as he was finishing up the final notes on that fiddle at 11:00 on the dot.

Sail On Great Gray Bearded one.........
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Re: Sail On Charlie Daniels

Post by dnw »

Sail on, Charlie.


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Re: Sail On Charlie Daniels

Post by atmarler26 »

Coincidentally, Buffett also released a new song with Devil in the title on his new album the same year that Charlie Daniels ended up passing away. I wonder if Daniels' classic was even somewhat a part of the inspiration for that title. Maybe if Buffett ends up playing that new song live during next year's tour, he could mention Charlie Daniels during the intro as sort of a tribute?
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