Who's going to Bristow Sat Aug 4th?

Meet up with some of your friends from BN and find out who's going to the show

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Re: Who's going to Bristow Sat Aug 4th?

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MDShark70 wrote:
August 5, 2018 10:30 pm
Probably not time to start a rumor thread just yet but Jimmy did mention last night that they might be doing something again at Merriweather.
Apparently he did. I missed him saying it, but several people I know did hear it. I'm anxious for the show recording to get posted so I can hear it for myself.
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Re: Who's going to Bristow Sat Aug 4th?

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FunkHouse9 wrote:
August 6, 2018 11:37 am
Had a great time this year! Really happy to see a lot of old crew BN faces starting to return to Bristow. I saw Linda and Kevin at the pre-lot spot and I didn't get the chance to say hi but assumed I'd see you in the lots, which I never did unfortunately. Sorry I didn't get to give you guys a proper hello. Hoped to see Andrea but I missed you too. Was a little thrown off. My old tailgate buddy who I've known for forever and who fell off the face of the earth a year ago without any way to contact him just randomly appeared at our tailgate and wanted to catch up. Was awesome to see him but wasn't really part of my plan for the afternoon. Between that an some unexpected running around, I didn't get to mingle beyond our group quite as much as I had hoped.

Always great seeing you pal. I really enjoyed our tailgate and getting to see everyone that we did. Thanks again for everything that you did for us, you’ll never know how much we appreciate it.
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