One More Reason to Defeat Coronavirus

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One More Reason to Defeat Coronavirus

Post by Bicycle Bill »

We now have a reason for Tailgate Phlockings to return ...
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Re: One More Reason to Defeat Coronavirus

Post by bodypainter »

Don't give up the ship!

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.
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Re: One More Reason to Defeat Coronavirus

Post by Dr.Corona »

So is this one of those games wherein when you lose you really win??? 8)
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Re: One More Reason to Defeat Coronavirus

Post by Rabbitz »

OMFG. :o

This now makes me wish I had some friends...

It just occurred to me that this game could be played online.
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Re: One More Reason to Defeat Coronavirus

Post by aeroparrot »

Damn the torpedoes FULL SPEED AHEAD!
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