Jokelben temporarily inaccessible

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Jokelben temporarily inaccessible

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To all:

Due to high download traffic the jokelben server is temporarily in accessible, this means that there was 1 or more very large downloads that exceeded what the jokelben server account limits.

When downloading from the server, the best practice is to download just a few shows at time, especially with the concert video files which are very large mp4 files anywhere from 3-5 gigabytes in size. The concert audio recordings are in mp3 format and are smaller with largest being less than 300 megabytes in size.

All of the shows and other items on the server are in individual folders to keep things organized and make downloading easy.

Currently the owner of the server Sunlover, has several show uploads pending from the Margaritaville TV video replays, he was planning to upload soon but now those uploads must wait for the server to be opened again. This is the second time the since December 2019 that the server has been temporarily closed due to very high download traffic.

The jokelben server is made available to all Jimmy Buffet fans for everyone's enjoyment, please do not abuse this special resource.

As to when the server will be accessible again it will be sometime next month based on the last time the server was locked down in December.

**Update 04/23/20: According to Sunlover access to the server will not be restored until May 18th**
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Re: Jokelben temporarily inaccessible

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Too bad. Thanks for the update URL........
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Re: Jokelben temporarily inaccessible

Post by SunLover »

Downloads over the past couple weeks have been higher than usual. Most likely as people are staying in due to covid-19 shelter in place guidelines, Parrotheads with cabin fever are downloading more shows to watch. The highest bandwidth occurred on April 14, which was a couple days after I posted the Paris video.

The billing cycle resets on the 18th of the month, so unfortunately, users will have to wait until May 18 to resume downloads. For now, the only videos I have not yet posted from the Virtual Vacation / Cabin Fever series are the Australia and Honolulu shows. Quick secret: The Australia show is still available to view on youtube here: Cabin Fever Virtual Tour - Live From Australia (2011)

I apologize for the periodic inconveniences of the server downtime. As a reminder, the server will always be free to access and not be placed behind a paywall. If you already have a premium account at, you can access the server and download as usual (you may be prompted to logon to your pcloud account).

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