Happy "Hoot Islandversary"

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Happy "Hoot Islandversary"

Post by txaggirl91 »

It was 10 years ago yesterday that this little event happened....


Thanks to Santa for reminding us. I think those original Hoot Islanders have talked about doing a special toast at Frisco this year to mark the 10 year event.

I must be wishing on someone else's star....

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Re: Happy "Hoot Islandversary"

Post by ragtopW »

:) this one time, Jimmy Played Dallas

and the rest is History ; Magic ! just Magic

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Re: Happy "Hoot Islandversary"

Post by springparrot »

[smilie=asa.gif] It was historic, epic, amazing, more fun than should be allowed
So many phriends made that day.

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Re: Happy "Hoot Islandversary"

Post by jelloshotgirl »

Thanks Santa for the reminder, and Thanks too to Janice for the pic. That was only my second Buffett here in TX and it was so much fun and fodder fo so may memories.
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Re: Happy "Hoot Islandversary"

Post by Cuervo »

Ahhhhh...... The Memories 8)

Good Times :D
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