Thought I'd check in at the MSC Saturday

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Re: Thought I'd check in at the MSC Saturday

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Rabbitz wrote:Well I had to brush away a small tear last night.

As some of you know I have had a long and satisfying affair with Vanuatu. I have been visiting her since the 1980's.

The recent cyclone has wreaked much havoc across her.

During the mayhem contact was lost with many outlying islands. On one of the islands a couple of late teen Aussie women were volunteering as teachers. Nothing had been heard from them (or anyone else) on the island for over a week.

Late in the week the search helicopters finally got to the island and located the village and the women. Unfortunately the helicopter was unable to land, so with typical islander ingenuity the rescue crew wrote a message telling the women where the nearest safe landing point was - this was written on a coconut (it was never adequately explained just why the crew had the coconut) and dropped it to the girls.

The women were then flown, via a circuitous route back to Port Vila (the nations capital).

The women were asked by a journalist if they were looking forward seeing their families, to which one defiantly replied "I'll won't see them until July, I'm not going anywhere!"

I was so pleased to see her resolve to stay and muck in for the relief effort, rather than taking the easy option of coming home.

We need more of that kind of spirit.
That is very inspiring! It is so hard to see a place that you love, which was important in your life, obliterated and changed forever. This happened to me with not a hurricane Sandy. So many of the places that were part of who I am were devastated. Many have been restored at this point, but some are only a memory. Positive vibrations and blessings to your OPH.
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