GULF Coast Highway

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Re: GULF Coast Highway

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:) welcome, I saw you open for Jimmy for my first show, then the Band played in Marysville CA. ( I want to say every day of the 4 day festival) think I saw the band in Sacramento one last time.

I know it was said years ago. but given enough lead time I would indeed get on a plane to see that crew again,
I wore out a set of Cassette tapes. and a set of CDs. I now have my second set of CDs.. and play songs
every weekend both on my Computer and my IPOD. sorry to hear about the Politics :( that sucks...
wish you well. thanks for the intro to some great music. and a life path. I am in love with the people,music and food
of Louisiana and the gulf coast . and if the band was not my starting point. they kept me on the path.

keep in touch..

sending some love south.

PS. I played some songs in Mamou this year for Mardi Gras one of the bars they have an internet Juke box..
I was told I had great taste for a western Boy. :)


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Re: GULF Coast Highway

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Evangeline1985 wrote:The singer who accompanied Jimmy on Gulf Coast Highway was Kathleen Stieffel...
Welcome to Buffettnews, and thank you for sharing the Evangeline back-story and other delightful memories! I don't see that you identified yourself... after googling, is it safe to surmise that you're Kim Carson?

Sorry to hear that they left you off the tour bus, but happy to hear that you're still enjoying making music and performing down in NOLA! We will definitely look you up next time we visit, which has been too long!

I never got to experience the magic of an Evangeline show live, but have certainly heard wonderful things, and truly enjoy the cd's!

Best wishes to you!
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Re: GULF Coast Highway

Post by conched »

Thank you for the background info. We all enjoyed the results of the time you contributed to Evangeline.

Also wish I had a name to put to the username, and hope your music is still making you and others happy. Have fun with your Tropical Isle and blessings for you and Frank Fairbanks.

JoAnn, I think Kim Carson is actually from Texas.

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