Congratulations Jimmy, from BN

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Congratulations Jimmy, from BN

Post by Key Lime Lee »

Someone had to start it...


Jimmy, I think it's great that after 31 years you've got some sense of poetic justice. Great to see an industry that has more or less ignored you your entire career finally recognize you.

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Post by bearphin »

About f&*^%(g time!!!!!!

Congrats Jimmy!!!! You have definately deserved it!!!
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Post by SMLCHNG »

Absolutely!!!!! :D :D I couldn't be happier for you, Jimmy!!!! :D :D 8) 8) It's just awesome!!!!! 8)

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Post by Fragile Magic »

Congratulations Jimmy!!! And AJ...

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Post by springparrot »

Congrats Jimmy and Alan!!

Jimmy, you deserve the recognition
Alan, thank you for sharing the song with Jimmy.
You two made a great team!!!

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Post by Desdamona »

Well, they were kind of FORCED to, but we're all glad they did.
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Post by FanInCincy »

Congrats Jimmy and Alan!!!!!! Its about time the industry recognized Jimmy! Over 31 years of greatness!! :pirate: :pirate: :pirate:
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'bout damn time!
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Post by pirate@43 »

Congrats Jimmy. Glad to see the your finally getting some of the recognition you deserve

moe phins
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JB and Alan WIN

Post by moe phins »

Congratulations to JB and Alan. Jimmy heres to egg in their faces for waiting 31 yrs to recognize what we all have know for years. Enjoy the ride. :D

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Post by SchoolGirlHeart »

Congratulations, Jimmy and Alan!!!

About time the music industry recognized your talent and efforts, Jimmy!

Alan, love your music as well. You're a class act!
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Congratulations Jimmy! Well deserved!

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Post by Bamafan »

Congrats Jimmy! I'm glad he won but i wish he won something for a song he wrote. :)

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Congrats Jimmy - you looked great in that suit but I sure do like you in your shorts and barefeet :grin:

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Post by NYCPORT »

Congrats Bubba!!! It's About f**** Time!!! :D
Now everybody knows what we've all known for years...The secrets out. :lol:

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Post by prthd4353 »

That was awsome, Congrats.... :lol:

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Post by 7lords »

Is it day?

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Post by coronacliff »

all right Jimmy
Pass the tequila

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Post by Ceol na Mara »

Congratulations, Jimmy and Alan!!!! Wooo hooo!!!!!!!

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Post by NanaWind »

Don't worry Jim, I had a celebratory beverage for you. Well, I had 5, but who's counting? CONGRATS!!!!!!

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