Sad News About Jimmy's Mom

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Post by cmpete »

It's been quite a summer ...

Jimmy - your music helped me maintain my insanity when I lost DH. I'm sending prayers and a lullaby from my heart to comfort you and your family as you deal with too many losses.

With Tail Feathers dragging......

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Post by pirateat30 »

My thoughts and prayers to Jimmy and his family. Such tragic news. Sail on Mrs. Buffett.

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Post by NYCPORT »

Poor Bubba, this is some rough stretch for his family. As always, your in our thoughts Jimmy and the rest of the Buffett's.

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Post by jkortum »

Sail on Mrs. B.......
I'm truly sorry Jimmy....
(((((BUFFETT FAMILY)))))))
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Post by SDPirate40 »

As I sat and watched Jimmy Tuesday night in San Diego, and marveled at his charmed life, I really looked forward to finishing my 7 show tour this year at Irvine.

As the news came out yesterday, the illness, then rumor of his mom's death, then the confirmation, once again you realize all of us have the same comedies and tragedies.

Yes, Parrotheads will not fret over lost Ebay money, lost time on airplanes for those flying in, or other losses.

Jimmy, very mortal, is very well loved by his phlock....and everyone is feeling something, yet no one is going thru what he and his family is feeling.

Our sympathy goes out to Jimmy and his family.
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Post by Parrot Monkey »

:cry: Terrible News… :cry:

Sail On Mrs. Buffett

I feel really bad for Jimmy, losing both parents in the same year.

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Post by Snowparrot »

Sail on Mrs. Buffett
We love you Jimmy, and hope there is smooth sailing for you and the rest of your family for a good long while.

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Post by springparrot »

Ohhh, these moments we're left with
May you always remember
These moments are shared by few
And those harbor lights, lord, they're coming into view
We'll bid our farewells much too soon
So drink it up, this one's for you

My favorite lyrics that meant so much more to me after losing my Daddy.....
I hope they give the Buffett family strength when they need it most.

((((Buffett family)))))

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Post by BuckeyeParrothead »

:cry: :cry: :cry:
How very sad! Jimmy, we'll be there with you when it's time to dance again, but until then, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers!

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Post by pbans »


:::::sail on, Mrs. B:::::

Your legacy will live forever!
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Post by FanInCincy »

Sail On Mrs. Buffett, you have given this world a truly great gift with the son you have gave us. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Buffett family and their close friends.
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Post by TheJoker »

sail on .....
my plumage is darkened a little today, there is a new star in the sky for captains to follow at sea....

condolances and best wishes.

Tom D.

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Post by f2cdlzrd »

Now you and Mr. Buffett can sail together again. Sail on Mr. & Mrs. Buffett! May God richly bless Jimmy and his family during this sad time.
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Post by 12vmanRick »

Very sad to hear about this for Jimmy. He has had quite a rough summer.
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Post by HockeyParrotHead »

Oh man, I just read through all of this for the first time. How sad, and how humanizing. We can all feel for him, we're all touched by the passing of parents.

Jimmy's Mom and Dad are now together, free of the pain they had to endure during their last days. Thank goodness Jimmy has Jane and his kids. Thank goodness he has us, and we have him.

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Post by Fruitcakes101 »

Such sad news to hear!
I am so sorry Jimmy and I pray for peace and comfort for you and your entire family.
((((((((( Jimmy & Family))))))))

Sail on Mrs. B :cry: :cry:

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Post by ph4ever »

Sail on Peets...............

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Post by parrotsgirl »

Sail on Peets....

May you find that OPH to sail to and forever watch over your family...God has himself another angel.

Jimmy, may you find peace in your Souveniers of your mom, and know we are all sharing in your sadness...and prayers & Phin Power is coming your way!!!!

((((((((((Jimmy & Family))))))))

:cry: :(
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Post by rogerco »

Deepest sympathy to the Buffett family from someone who lost both parents at an early age. The pain subsides, but the memories persist. God speed to your mother and a sheltered harbour for you and yours.

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Post by Air M'Ville Cap'n »

Sail on Peets. Phin power to the Buffett family

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