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Post by tincupchalice »

Anyone see Mac's concert last night?

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Post by Snowparrot »

Yes! Angel Beech and I met up there and just loved it. Stood right up by the stage. Got Mac's AND Ralph's autographs and chatted with both. Ralph played a very strange instrument: 2 pieces of paper. (pictures will follow)
We had each heard serious, insider rumours there would be a Special Guest, and of course we hoped for Jimmy, nut not that night. Mac was great and Ralph WAS a special guest too. Glad I went!
... heading home tonight: have fun at the Sat. show!!

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Post by msharpe »

Ditto...even though Jimmy didn't show up (and we also heard some pretty confident rumors from the HOB staff that he would be there), we still had a good time and Mac put on a great show. Ralph playing the 'papers' was definitely strange...but that just made the show more interesting. Afterwards, we were chatting with Ralph and asked him about the paper and he said that, for whatever reason, he wasnt allowed to use any of the instruments that were backstage, so he just picked up two random sheets of paper and decided that they would be a nice addition to the show! All in all, it was a great weekend of Parrothead fun in the windy city!!

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Post by Fool Button »

We were there as well! Great show, would highly recommend seeing him live. He had great stories to tell and, man, can he play the guitar!

We had also heard the rumors of JB showing up. Even talked to Pete Mayer before the Thursday Chicago show who dropped a hint. Then the curtain went up and there was an extra microphone and chair. But it was not to be. Not a big deal, though, Mac was excellent!

Perhaps JB did not feel up to it after the Thursday night fiascos that happened. Who knows?

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