Buffett As a Performer

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Buffett As a Performer

Post by jbfins »

Over the past two years my kids and I have seen Taylor Swift, Zac Brown, Kenney Chesney and Mumford & Sons. As well as a variety of opening acts. While each performer was very good, they all had their faults.

I have criticized Buffett, mostly for his set lists which I believe cater entirely to the Party-heads. It bothers me to no end, and I stand by that criticism.

But now that I have seen many other acts, I must say that his shows are some of the best out there. They cover a lot of ground and have something for everyone. He's the absolute best I have ever seen when it comes to speaking to the audience, and I do not doubt that he gives it his all every time. His ticket prices are not crazy and he broadcasts his shows for free.

I don't feel guilty hoping and praying for that Buffett Show of our dreams. (The one that I think he tried to give us with the Key West Show, where fans got to pick the songs.) Even though we may never get it, in the meantime I will be a little more appreciative of what we do have. The best shameless entertainer out there.
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Re: Buffett As a Performer

Post by FinsUp6835 »

Yes. Jimmy is one of the best no doubt.

As far as the setlist goes he is a lot better than some of the artists out there. And, again, everyone has certain songs they want to hear for different reasons so no one will ever agree on what is a good set and what is not. I used to let this get to me but now I have learned to appreciate it for what it is. He doesn't have to tour anymore but he does. Kenny Chesney literally copied and pasted his setlist from last year to this year which is why I'm not spending $200 to go see him. If you also look at some of Jimmy's older sets from 70s-80s-90s he used to play some amazing stuff. I think now that he's reached such a legendary status and he's playing for a younger generation. He's been doing this for 40 years and throughout those years he's had some incredible setlists. I am just so happy he still tours and gives his shows to us for FREE.

I remember when they were going to do to Hurricane Show from Florida and I told my cousin "Man, I hope they broadcast that show because I would love to see it." He replied " He better for what you probably have to pay to have Margaritaville TV stream." I was like "dude, it is free. Jimmy is the best."
He couldn't believe that Jimmy plays most of his shows for free on VIDEO. I know he gets my money in other ways but he doesn't have to put the shows on Radio Mville or TV that is for sure.

I have said this numerous times but Jimmy doesn't get the credit he deserves. He is one of the greatest American songwriters and live performers ever. It is a shame that most people don't get that but at the same time I think in a way it makes him even more appealing and awesome IMO.

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Re: Buffett As a Performer

Post by DiverDan »

To quote JB from You Had to Be There: "a lot of people come and they want to hear one song, it's kind of planted in their mind, no matter what song it is, they're waiting for that one song and they go "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT #### IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT ALBUM, I'M WAITING FOR THAT ONE SONG, NOW WHEN YOU GONNA PLAY IT????"

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Re: Buffett As a Performer

Post by ComoxParrothead »

I agree. Say what you want about his setlists (I happen to like most of them) but as a performer he is one of the best I have ever seen. I think we should appreciate the fact he performs at all. I remember growing up as a kid and everyone at school said "Gretzky sucks" or "Gretzky's scared to go in the corners". Now that I am older I'm sad I didn't appreciate watching the greatest hockey player of all time more. We should appreciate what Jimmy is still doing because most of us will be saddened when he is no longer able to do it. Can't wait to see him in October again!
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Re: Buffett As a Performer

Post by Finzup16 »

There was a time (many years ago) when I was a HUGE Springsteen fan. No one put on a better show than Bruce.
As an exact opposite performer than Bruce, Jimmy is the most real and honest person you will see on a stage. His band deserves much credit also
I can complain, like most of us can about the set list but it is what it is.
Everyone has a pet peeve or two and the only thing that ever truly truly p*** me off was a couple of tours ago when he had an automated recording of the band intros. I mean REALLY, these people are playing their asses off behind you and you don't have the decency to introduce them????

The setlists will never be true parrot head list's, unless he's on some beach or in some bar playing for fun
He needs to play to the lowest common denominator of fan, plain and simple, there's many more party people than extremists.

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